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Valid patron group doesn't display in UI



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      Texas A&M is running folio_users-2.12.2000354. I have created new user groups and new users in our local instance. The user group displays in the UI users list and in the User information pane and in the User update page for some of the locally-created groups, but not for others. I have checked the complete list of user groups defined in the instance and verified that all of the user group codes in the locally created user records contain valid patronGroup uuids, regardless of whether they display or not.

      It appears that the problem might be related to the issue reported in UIU-600, i.e. that only 10 user group codes display in the filter list regardless of how many exist. If the locally-created record has a user group that appears in the filter list, then it displays in the user list pane and in the User information pane. For example, the code 'fast' (meaning faculty/staff) displays in the filter list and the one user record that has that code assigned displays its code in the Users list and user information pane. But the two users whose records contain the code 'ungr' (undergrad) which does not appear in the Patron group filter on the users page show a question mark in the Users list Patron Group column and a blank under the Patron group in the User information pane.

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