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Change due date by escalating permissions (override user's permissions)



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      Purpose: Allow a user that is not permitted to change due date to have their permissions temporarily escalated by a supervisor, allowing them to complete the interaction. The deliverable from this User Story should be a reusable module that will allow for the override. This module will be used by several other features within FOLIO, including cancelling a fine/fee (UIU-445).

      1. Scenario
        • Given the Change Due Date option on the loan details, open loans, and check out pages
        • When selected and "Loans: Can change due date" not held by current user
        • Then open "Special permission needed" modal (as shown in UIU-445 attached Error-Special-Permission.png mockup) to request override to continue
          Note: The mockup is for the related fines/fees story. The modal should be the same, except the content should be: You currently do not have permission to change due date for item(s) checked out to Patronlastname, Patronfirstname.
      2. Scenario
        • Given the "Special permission needed" modal
        • When Override button pressed
        • Then request login and password* for user with needed permissions
      3. Scenario
        • Given the entered credentials
        • When those credentials have permissions to change the due date
        • Then:
          • Open Change due date modal
          • Leave the credentials in place until the Back or Save and close button is selected on the Change Due Date modal.
      4. Scenario
        • Given that the due date has been changed through a permissions override
        • When viewing the action in the loan details table
        • Then the Source in the loan actions table for that interaction should be the person whose permissions enabled the interaction.

      Note from UIU-445:
      *CB: Just wanted to note that we need to make sure this functionality works for institutions that are using SSO as well as for institutions that aren't

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