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Permissions for change due date



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      Purpose: Create permission for the change due date interaction (and in doing so, create a scenario where a user without permissions would need to have permissions escalated by a senior staff member.)


      1. Scenario
        • Given the Users module
        • When enabled
        • Then a logical permission set should be provided called "Loans: Can change due date"
      2. Scenario
        • Given User A has been assigned the "Loans: Can change due date" permission
        • When a patron's open loans or loan details display, or when the check out app displays,
        • Then User A has the following rights:
          • User A can initiate change due date by clicking the Change Due Date button on Loan Details, the Change Due Date bulk action on patron's open loans, and the Change Due Date action through the ellipsis action on open loans or check out
          • User A can fully interact with the change due date modal
            • Change date
            • change time
            • Un-check and re-check items in the change due date modal
          • User A can submit the changed due date by clicking Save and Close except
            • if the new due date is in the past
            • if the new due date is past the patron's expiration date
      3. Scenario
        • Given User A has been assigned the "Loans: Can change due date" permission AND another permission or set
        • When FOLIO is displayed
        • Then User A shall have the cumulative set of rights from all assigned permissions

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