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Indicate Service Point for Users (FOLIO Operators) in User Record



    • Prokopovych


      Purpose: When work is being done in FOLIO, it is necessary to know what "service point" (functional location e.g. circ desk) the work is being done at. In order to indicate the service point for a session, the RA SIG has decided that users will have 0 to many service points associated with them (where they are allowed to work) and they will then select from among those to indicate the SP to be used for their session. The purpose of this story is to outline how service points can be associated with users.

      User story:
      As a folio administrator
      I want to be able to indicate the service points a library employee works at
      So that when they log into folio, they can select from the allowed service points


      1. Scenario
        • Given the view and edit modes of the user record
        • When displayed
        • Then a new "Service points" section should be displayed as shown in the below linked mockup
          • Collapsable
          • Collapsed by default
      2. Scenario
        • Given the create mode of the user record
        • When displayed
        • Then the "Service points" section should not display (I assume that, like permissions, service points can't be associated until after the record has been created)
      3. Scenario
        • Given there are no service points associated with a user record
        • When the Service points section is expanded in view and edit modes
        • Then a "No service points found" message should display
      4. Scenario
        • Given the edit mode of the user record
        • When the Service points section is expanded
        • Then an "+ Add service point" button should display as shown here
      5. Scenario
        • Given the "+ Add service point button"
        • When clicked
        • Then the Add service points popup should display as shown here
          • Popup header: Add service points
          • List header: Service points
          • List sub-header: <countFoundServicePoints> results found (out of scope)
          • List column:
            • Name - Service point name
          • Selection:
            • Should be possible to select multiple service points with checkboxes
            • Select all checkbox should also be available (should work similarly to select all checkbox on the Loans page)
          • Buttons: Cancel, Save & close
        • Out of scope for this story:
          • Search and filter capabilities
          • Library column
          • Sortable columns
      6. Scenario
        • Given one of more service point has been selected
        • When Save and close is clicked
        • Then:
          • Each selected service point is displayed in alphabetical order
          • Each selected service point is accompanied by a delete icon as shown here - Click to delete
          • A Service point preference menu should display
      7. Scenario
        • Given the Service point preference menu
        • When displayed
        • Then:
          • Selection should be required:
            • Label should be accompanied by required indicator (asterisk)
            • Validation if not populated: Please fill this in to continue
          • Default value should be Select service point
          • Second value should be "None"
          • The menu should also contain all service points selected for the user in alphabetical order

      CB: Should we combine this story with UIU-551? Maybe just add those two scenarios here? Devs, please let me know.

      Out of scope:

      • Selecting service point at login when no preference is indicated
      • Changing service point after login
      • Attempting to access apps that require service points when none has been selected

      Mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1b-QSV-75p-xiLGNO2qgrcVbB0eCz6zuV

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