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Anonymize closed loans on demand




      Purpose: When an institution defaults to maintaining patrons' loan history, the patron may want to anonymize their loans (similar to how they may perform other self-service functions, like renewing their books). Staff should also be able to do this on behalf of a patron.

      1. Scenario
        • Given the closed loans screen
        • When the user clicks "Anonymize all loans"
        • Then the closed loans no longer have any borrower information linked to them, and no longer appear as closed loans for a patron.
        • A-M: we tested, but you have to refresh your screen to get rid of the 1 closed loan in the summary of the borrower details. Should that happen automatically when the loan is anonymized? If you try to click the 1 closed loan after anonymizing, then you go to a blank closed loan screen.
        • See Michal's comments below. Logged this as a separate bug UIU-647.
      2. Scenario
        • Given that a user's loans have been anonymized
        • When viewing Closed Loans
        • Then no closed loans prior to when the loans were anonymized should be shown, as if the user has never checked anything out.

      Out of scope: how this affects closed loans with "unfinished business", like those with a fine/fee attached.

      Includes anonymizing the affected loans, loan action history as well.

      Clarification: Anonymizing closed loans is not deleting them. Institutions still need to be able to track whether an item circulated & and for how long, among other details. The only information that anonymizing a closed loan affects is that of the borrower.

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