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Get Fixed Renewal Period from Loan Policy



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      Purpose: When a loan is associated with a loan policy that is has a "fixed" profile, the renewal period for the loan is calculated by reference to the fixed due date schedule. The purpose of this story is to calculate the due date for renewals on such loans.


      1. Scenario
        • Given Loan Policy X which has:
          • Loanable = Y
          • Loan profile = Fixed
          • Fixed due date schedule = Fixed due date schedule F
          • Renewable = Y
          • Renewal period different from original loan = N
        • When new Loan L is associated with Loan Policy X through loan rules AND Loan L is renewed individually by selecting "Renew" in the actions menu on the Loans page
        • Then the new due date for renewed Loan L should be calculated as:
          • If system date at the time of the renewal of Loan L falls in a date range in Fixed due date schedule F (e.g. it is between a Date from and Date to dates in a row in the Schedule section) then the new due date for Loan L should be the due date associated with that date range/row.
          • If the renewal date for Loan L does NOT fall within a date range in Fixed due date schedule F:
            • Renewal is prevented
            • A modal popup should display reading:
              • Header: Item not renewed
              • Body: Item can't be renewed as the renewal date falls outside of the date ranges in the loan policy. Please review <loanPolicyX> before retrying renewal.
              • Buttons: Okay
      2. Scenario CB: Realized this scenario deserves its own story. See UIU-429
        • Given Loan Policy X from scenario 1
        • When the due date for the renewal does not differ from the previous due date and loan renewal is attempted by selecting "Renew" from the actions menu on Loans
        • Then:
          • Renewal is prevented
            • No renewal loan action should be logged
            • Renewal count should not increase
            • A modal popup should display reading:
              • Header: Item not renewed
              • Body: Renewal at this time would not change the due date.
              • Buttons: Okay

      Out of scope:

      • What happens if:
        • Renewing the loan doesn't change the due date (UIU-429)
        • Profile = Rolling (UIU-415)
        • Renew from = Current due date
        • There is a Fixed due date schedule (due date limit) applied
        • There is no loan policy targeted at the loan
        • Loanable = N
        • Messaging for bulk renewals
        • Etc.

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