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Sponsor-Proxy Assignment Navigation Problem



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      Overview: When I was trying to test whether last name-only caused the comma to be suppressed in the proxy/sponsor descriptions of the user record, I found a different problem, related to retrieving a unique user name. There are a couple navigation problems when editing a user record to assign a sponsor/proxy, when the sponsor/proxy user search retrieves a single search result. It’s not a problem with how the sponsor/proxy portion is working, but rather with how the filter/retrieval is working when a single user is retrieved.

      See details in attached doc: Sponsor-Proxy Assignment Navigation Problem.docx

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Log into some FOLIO-snapshot-stable as diku_admin
      Follow steps outlined in the attached document.

      Expected Results: When trying to add a proxy to a user record that I'm editing, and looking up the user that I will be adding, it should retrieve the user to be added and allow me to add that person to the user I'm editing.

      Actual Results: When trying to add a proxy to a user record, and retrieving a single user during the lookup, I was dropped into the single user record, instead of staying in the user I was currently editing. Totally unexpected behavior.

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