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Proxy: Problems with Searching in User Search and Select Popup




      Overview: I suspect this is related to UIU-360 (When There is an Unambiguous Match, The Details Record Should Open Automatically). Now, when you use the user search and select modal (e.g. in Proxy selection or at the time of Check out), you have issues when you search.

      Repro steps:

      1. Log into folio-testing
      2. Go to Users and edit any user
      3. Go to the proxy section and click new to add a proxy or sponsor
      4. Scroll through the list and pick a user - this works fine
      5. Click new to add another proxy or sponsor
      6. This time, search the user list by typing a name into the search box

      Expected: Matching search results will display in the list and you can click one to select it. When there is only one matching result, you still want to see it in the results list and to have to click it to select it.

      Actual: The user detail record for the matching search result will open up and obscure the detail record you were previously working on. See screencast: https://www.screencast.com/t/1xDe4FP5n

      Additional Info: This is an issue when using the patron lookup on Checkout, as well (UICHKOUT-54)

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