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Suspended / claimed returned fee does not show as expected after item is returned



    • EPAM-Veg Sprint 153
    • 0.5
    • Vega
    • Nolana (R3 2022) Bug Fix
    • Implementation coding issue


      Overview: Found in bugfest while testing T1197590.

      Loan policy can be set to a short-term loan (15 minutes) - do not allow renewals.
      Overdue policy - charge whatever.
      Lost policy - Aged to lost 1 minute after due, Billed after age to lost 1 minute, recalled aged to lost after overdue 1 minute, billed for recall after aged to lost 1 minute, set charge amount of $100.00, lost item processing fee of $25.00, charge lost item processing fee if declared lost by patron = yes, charge lost item processing fee if aged to lost by system = yes, if lost item returned or renewed, remove lost item processing fee = no

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into a Bugfest user with permissions to loan items.
      2. Loan an item to a user and let it age to lost.
      3. After the item has aged to lost, and both a lost item fee and lost processing fee have been charged, declare the item claimed returned. This should result in both fees being suspended.
      4. Return the item in the Check in app; mark it as "Found by library". This results in the $100 charge being waived, but the $25.00 remains on the patron's account in suspended claimed returned status.
      5. View the fees/fines accordion on the patron's user record (view pane).

      Expected Results: The suspended claimed returned fees/fines would reflect 1 claim returned fee/fine with a total of $25.00
      Actual Results: It says there are no suspended fee/fines.
      Additional Information:

      I generated this scenario inadvertently when I was working on a claim returned bugfest test and got interrupted after returning the item, but before resolving the lost item fine.

      I suspect the issue here is that after I was interrupted, because the item had been returned and the loan closed, the loan ended up being anonymized, which also shouldn't have happened, because there was still an open $25.00 charge. I think the latter is actually a bigger issue and maybe should be a separate ticket, but figured I would start with this.

      I will stop using that account for testing so that it can be hopefully in an OK space for analysis. https://bugfest-nolana.int.aws.folio.org/users/49b76182-300e-42c3-8208-c6d0f59c0b41/

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