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export-fees-fines-spreadsheet report includes barcode link to item that may no longer exist



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       See related ticket UIU-2505 for more details.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Log in to folio-snapshot with sufficient permissions to create/delete item records, create fines, and check in/check out items.
      2. In Inventory, select an instance record (e.g., ABA Journal) and create a new item record for it.
      3. In Check out, check out the item to a user of your choice.
      4. In Users, select the user's record, go to the Loans accordion, and click on open loans.
      5. In the open loans list, click the Action dot menu on the right and select New fee/fine.
      6. Create a new fine with any owner, type, and amount (you may need to create a fee/fine owner and type first in Settings -> Users -> Fee/fine). Click Charge only to charge the fine to the user.
      7. In Check in, check in the item created in step 2. Make sure that the item status is Available (or the next step won't work).
      8. In Inventory, delete the item record.
      9. Return to the user's record. In the Fees/fines accordion, click on the open fees/fines link to get a list of the user's fines. Click the one "Export".

      Expected behavior: In report we should have barcode as text, adding " (not found)" next to the barcode instead of  broken hyperlink .

      Actual behavior: In report we have broken hyperlink "=HYPERLINK("https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org/inventory/view///ae61272a-7e02-4d07-881e-951752ea4207", "1234567")"


      1. When we cannot get item.status.name we should render export-fees-fines-spreadsheet report without error.
      2. When we cannot get item.status.name we should render barcode as text, adding " (not found)" next to the barcode.

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