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Unassign all permissions from a user with one click



    • Folijet Sprint 129, Folijet Sprint 130
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      "To make the frequent turnover in staff employment at the library more efficient, a method of removing all permissions with one click is needed.

      As an administrator I want to be able to remove the permissions from users with a single click


      1. Scenario1
        • Given I am a library administrator with the proper permissions
          • Settings (Users): Can create, edit, and remove permission sets
          • Users: Can assign and unassign permissions to users
          • Users: Can create new user
          • Users: Can edit user profile
          • Users: Can view permissions assigned to users
          • Users: Can view user profile
        • When I select a user record with permissions, click "Edit" on the user record, and then scroll to the bottom of the permission section
        • Then I see the choice labeled "Unassign all permissions."
      2. Scenario 2
        • Given that I have scrolled to the bottom of the list of permissions in the User edit record
        • When I click the box labeled "Unassign all permissions" at the bottom of list of permissions
        • then I get a pop up modal with the text, You are unassigning all permissions from the user last name, first name. Are you sure?" and then options for No and Yes, with Yes defaulted
        • When you click Yes
        • Then you get a success toast saying User's permissions are all unassigned.

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