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Display Fee/Fine Details



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      PURPOSE: To allow libraries to display all activity related to a specific fee/fine. From the Fee/Fine Details page users will be able to Pay, Waive, Refund, or Transfer one fee/fine entry. There is also a special option to cancel the fee/fine as an error. For this sprint none of these additional options (Pay, Waive, Refund, Transfer, Error) are in scope.

      1. Scenario
      Given the Fee/Fine value on the Open Loans/Closed Loans page (see attached mock-ups loan-history-open-4.png and loan-history-Closed-4.png)
      When clicked and contains only 1 fee/fine
      Then open Fee/Fine Detail page
      Note: If the Fee/Fine value on Open Loans/Closed Loans contains > 1 fee/fine, the Open/Closed/All Fee/Fine page will be opened instead. This is covered in UIU-238.

      2. Scenario
      Given the Fee/Fine value on the Loan Details page (see attached mock-up loan-details-4.png)
      When clicked and contains only 1 fee/fine
      Then open Fee/Fine Detail page
      Note: If the Fee/Fine value on Loan Details contains > 1 fee/fine, the Open/Closed/All Fee/Fine page will be opened instead. This is covered in UIU-238.

      3. Scenario
      Given the Open/Closed/All Fees/Fines page
      When Fee/Fine Details selected from ellipsis (as shown in attached mock-up approved - 2 fees note ellipsis menu.jpg)
      Open Fee/Fine Details page

      4. Scenario
      Given the Fee/Fine Details page
      When displayed
      Then display fee/fine information as shown in attached mock-up fee-fine-detail-1.png

      • Patron name and group (which would come from User Details page, where user started); patron name is a link to User Details page
      • Pay, Waive, Refund, Transfer, and Error buttons (the Pay button does not have sub-options on this page)
      • Export icon (square with upward arrow) is for exporting a spreadsheet of the data in the table and is outside the scope of this sprint
      • Fee/Fine Type is the type of fee/fine
      • Fee/Fine Owner is the location that gets the fee/fine that is collected
      • Charge Date is the date the fee/fine was originally charged--the time will be included in the field but only date should be displayed here
      • Original fee/fine is the original amount of the fee/fine changed
      • Outstanding amount is what is still owed on the fee/fine
      • Loan Details will have View grayed out if the fee/fine is not associated with a loan transaction; if it is, View should be a link to the Loan Details page
      • Item is the item type that the fee/fine is for (there should always be an item type)
      • Instance is the title of the item that has a fee/fine associated with it; in the case where the fee is for a bus pass, the instance will be "Bus Pass."
      • Barcode is the barcode of the item that the fee/fine is for (put a - in this column if there isn't one); books, DVDs, etc. have barcodes, but so do room keys, laptops, etc.
      • Call number is the call number of the item that the fee/fine is for (put a - in this column if there isn't one)
      • Location is when the item was located when fee/fine was associated with it; for example, a book may have been on Main Library Reserve, or the laptop may have been at the Science Library Circ Desk.

      Table of actions, most recent sorted on top -

      • Action date: date of activity
      • Action: type of activity
      • Amount: amount of activity
      • Balance: calculated amount of remaining balance based on original fee/fine and what has been paid
      • Transaction number: user entered check number or other transaction id related to payment
      • Created at: location where activity took place (from login information)
      • Source: person who processed activity (from login information)
      • Comments: comments entered as part of activity or on this screen as a "comment only" activity
        For the current sprint, we will only have two types of activity, the original fee/fine charge and comment-only activity (described below); other types of activity, such as paying, waiving, refunding, and transferring, are out of scope for this sprint

      5. Scenario
      Given the Comments +New button
      When pressed
      Then add new "comment only" activity as shown in attached mock-ups fee-fine-detail-2.png, fee-fine-detail-3.png, and fee-fine-detail-4.png

      6. Scenario
      Given the Pay, Waived, Refund, Transfer, and Error buttons
      When pressed
      Then do nothing--this is out of scope for the current sprint

      7. Scenario
      Given the export icon
      When selected
      Then export a spreadsheet of all data appearing on the Fee/Fine Details page--this is outside of the scope of the current sprint

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