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Changes to "Users: User loans view, edit, renew (all)" permission set (ui-users.loans.all)



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      The permission set ui-users.loans.all needs to be adjusted to make it more clear what it actually does and to better reflect what the RA SIG would actually use this for when assigning permissions. 

      • Subpermission changes: remove ui-users.loans.edit and add ui-users.loans.change-due-date
      • Remove from ui-users.loans.all the ability to:
        • declare an item lost
        • mark an item claim returned
        • mark a claim returned item missing
        • anonymize a user's loans
        • renew an item through override 
      • Change the display name (and associated translations) for ui-users.loans.all to "Users: User loans view, change due date, renew"

      We will defer to developers on whether to rename the actual permission name to remove the .all portion of the name or to leave it as-is.

      Use cases:

      A library has four types of circulation staff - student workers, senior student workers, full-time staff, and managers.

      • Student workers should be able to view and renew loans. 
      • Senior student workers should be able to do everything a student worker can do + change a due date.
      • Full time staff should be able to do everything a senior student worker can do + declare an item lost and renew an item through override.
      • Managers should be able to do everything full-time staff should be able to do + mark an item claim returned.
      • Only the most senior of the managers should be able to anonymize loans.

      Right now,  this scenario is possible to do, but the naming of the existing permission makes it very easy for SMEs to make mistakes and grant more permissions than desired (particularly with anonymizing.)

      In general, having the idea of editing a loan in a permission name will always be confusing to RA SMEs - they would not think of the work they do with loans as editing loans, they would use the terminology of the specific workflows instead. E.g., they would say "I marked a loan missing" rather than "I edited the loan record to change the item status to missing," even though the latter is what they are actually doing.

      This was discussed at the RA SIG on 7-26-2021 and they agreed to this path; pwanninger indicated that RA could make the decision on this since these are loans permissions.


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