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Default notice not sent to patron when Transfer done in one of the three ways



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      R2 2021 Bugfix


      Overview:  The transfer of a single fee/fine may be executed in three different ways...

      1. Using the TRANSFER button in Fee/Fine Details.
      2. Using the TRANSFER option in the ellipsis menu in Fees/Fines History.
      3. Using the TRANSFER button in Fees/Fines History after putting a check mark in the box for a single fee/fine.

      In the case where a fee/fine owner is using the default action notice, option 3 does not present the NOTIFY PATRON box--options 1 and 2 work properly.  This also works properly when no notice is set up or a fee/fine type action notice is setup. 

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Juniper BugFest as an admin.
      2. Look at Settings->Users->Fee/fine: Manual charges for fee/fine owner "Main Circ Desk."  Note that a default patron notice is set up for use with Face Mask.  (See attached screen print Default-notice-not-generated-on-some-transfers.jpg.)
      3. Add a fee/fine to a test patron as follows:  Fee/Fine Owner set to "Main Circ Desk" and Fee/Fine Type set to "Face Mask."
      4. Go to Fees/Fines History for the test patron.
      5. Put a check mark to the left of the "Face Mask" fee/fine you just created.
      6. Press the TRANSFER button on Fees/Fines History.

      Expected Results:  "Notify patron" box is checked and "Additional information for patron" box appears.

      Actual Results:   ** "Notify patron" box is not checked and "Additional information for patron" box does not appear.

      Additional Information:  If at Step #6 above you click on the ellipsis menu for the fee/fine and select TRANSFER, the ** "Notify patron" box is checked and "Additional information for patron" box appears. If at Step #6 above you click on the row to open Fee/Fine Details, then press the TRANSFER button on that page, the ** "Notify patron" box is checked and "Additional information for patron" box appears. **

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