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Shared manual fees/fines not showing up for new fee/fine owner



    • EPAM-Veg Sprint 118
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    • R2 2021 Bugfix


      Overview:  There is a Shared fee/fine owner set up in Juniper with 6 manual fees/fines (see attached screen print Shared-manual-ff-types.jpg).  These 6 fees/fines should be appearing for every fee/fine owner in addition to the manual fees/fines set up by the fee/fine owner.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Juniper BugFest as an admin.
      2. Set up a new fee/fine owner at Settings=>Users.
      3. Do not assign any manual fees/fines to the new fee/fine owner.
      4. Go to User Details for a patron and select Action=>Create fee/fine.
      5. On the New fee/fine page select the new fee/fine owner you just set up.
      6. Click on the Fee/fine type.

      Expected Results: Fee/fine types should be populated with the 6 Shared fee/fine types (see attached screen print Shared-manual-ff-types.jpg).

      Actual Results:  There are no fee/fine types displaying.

      Additional Information:  This is also happening for some existing fee/fine owners, which may be corrupt.

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