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Comment icon is missing again on Fee/Fine History page



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      Holly just noticed this on Honeysuckle BUGFEST at https://bugfest-honeysuckle.folio.ebsco.com/.

      There should be a comment icon (little orange square)...

      ...appearing next to the Fee/Fine Type on the Fees/Fines History page if there are one or more comments (now called Additional information for staff, If the user hovers over the comment icon, a portion of the most recent comment should appear with a link to Fee/Fine Details where all comments may be viewed (see attached mock-up comment-icon.png).

      This feature was originally completed in September 2018 as part of UIU-238. The comment icon was reported missing, and was fixed, in May 2019 via UIU-955. I thought I had already entered a bug for Goldenrod or Honeysuckle, but I can't find the JIRA ticket.

      Now that we are no longer calling them comments, we should change the text of "Comment X of X" to be "Staff info X of X."

      Holly set this as a priority P3, but it would be great if this could be fixed in Iris, before all of the large libraries implement FOLIO. If not, we will live without it. Thanks!

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