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Save the patron expiration with the time set to 23:59:59



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      Overview: The patron expiration is currently set to 00:00:00 and it should be set to 23:59:59 so that loans that are truncated by the patron expiration are set to the end of the day tenant's time zone instead of the beginning of day. Also, the user should still be active the day of their expiration. If it's set to 00:00:00, then they're essentially expired the day before.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Users
      2. Click New to add a new user
      3. Set the expiration date (i.e., 6/5/2021)

      Expected Results:
      Should be the date selected or typed and the end of the day (i.e., 6/5/2021 23:59:59)

      Actual Results:
      It's set to the date selected or typed and the beginning of the day (i.e., 6/5/2021 00:00:00)

      Additional Information:

      • dbranchini circulation POs agreed to this on Slack channel, just needs to be documented so that libraries in production already can adjust if need be.
      • Discovered during the coding/testing of CIRC-886.
      • Does this mean that UICHKOUT-707 doesn't need to be done if this is done instead?

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