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Total fees/fines on User Details is -100.00 after claimed returned refund



    • UNAM
    • R2 2021 Bugfix


      This needs to be fixed by June 28 for the start of bugfest!

      Overview:  After marking an item as claimed returned, which issued a refund the Lost Item Fee of 100.00 to a transfer account, the Lost Item Fee has a Remaining Balance of 100.00, which means it should be on the OPEN fees/fines tab.  There are also errors on the User Details page:  The fee/fine balance is displayed as negative 100.00 (it should never be less than zero) and the refund count and total is displayed as 0 (when it should be 1 / 100.00).

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into SNAPSHOT as an admin
      2. Loan out an item to a patron that is due in 1 minute and will aged to lost in 1 minute, charging the patron a Lost Item Fee of 100.00 and a Lost Item Processing Fee of 25.00
      3. After item has been aged to lost and billed, transfer the 100.00 Lost Item Fee to the Bursar
      4. Then mark the item as claimed returned
      5. 100.00 Lost Item Fee is refunded to the Bursar and marked as Suspended**

      Expected Results:

      6.  The Lost Item Fee should appear on the OPEN tab of Fees/Fines History because the Remaining Balance is greater than 0.00

      7.  On the User Details page, the total fees/fines should be 0.00 and there is 1 refunded fee/fine for 100.00


      Actual Results:

      6. The Lost Item Fee appearson the CLOSED tab of Fees/Fines History even though the Remaining Balance is greater than 0.00 (see attached screen prints Claimed-returned-refund-error1.jpg and Claimed-returned-refund-error2.jpg)

      7.  On the User Details page, the total fees/fines should be 0.00 and there is 1 refunded fee/fine for 100.00 (see attached screen print Claimed-returned-refund-error3.jpg)


      Additional Information:

      When Alex Kurash reviewed MODFEE-189, he discovered an error with the refunded fee/fine not being set to OPEN from CLOSED.  He may have fixed this.

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