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For aged to lost items that are claimed returned, if the Lost Item Processing Fee is not refunded the Payment Status should be updated to "Outstanding"



    • UNAM
    • R2 2021


      Update on April 16:  Holly originally had the "Release" field for this bug set to "R1 2021 Bug Fix", but changed it to "R2 2021" when she realized the remaining Lost Item Processing Fee can be paid, transferred, waived, etc. until UIU-1619 is implemented.  UIU-1619 will make us unable to take any "actions" on a suspended fee/fine, For now we are able to. 


      Steps to Reproduce:

      Holly used patron 102710271027 and item 4444444

      This error occurs for this set of circumstances...

      1) An item is aged to lost and the patron is billed a Lost Item Processing Fee and Lost Item Fee, as shown below...

      2) The patron then claims that they returned the item, so the Lost Item Processing Fee and Lost Item Fee are suspended, as shown below...

      3) Note that both fees now have a Payment Status of "Suspended claim returned" (as shown above)
      4) The patron then finds the item and returns it

      5) At check-in the Lost Item Fee is cancelled, but the Lost Item Processing Fee is not cancelled (because the Lost Item Fee Policy states that it should not be refunded if the lost item is returned), as shown below...


      6) Note that the Lost Item Processing Fee remains, as it should, but the Payment Status is still "Suspended claimed returned" when it should have been changed back to "Outstanding" (as shown above)






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