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When item Claimed Returned, transfers are refunded but patron payments are not



    • UNAM
    • R3 2021


      Update on April 21:  This Jira ticket has been changed from a "Bug" to a "Story" because the refunding of patron payments was not included in the original story.

      Update on April 16:  Holly originally had the "Release" field for this bug set to "R1 2021 Bug Fix", but changed it to "R2 2021" when she realized that patrons are unlikely (like 0.01%) to make a payment on lost item fees then claim they returned the item.  The likely scenario will be that the library has transferred the lost item fees to the bursar and now needs to take them back.  This part is working fine.


      Overview:  When an item is marked as "Claimed Returned", any payments or transfer that occurred for the Lost Item Fee or Lost Item Processing Fee should be refunded until the case is resolved.  We are refunding the transfer accounts for the amount transferred, but not the patron for any amount they may have paid.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Logged into Iris at https://bugfest-iris.folio.ebsco.com/ as an admin with all user permissions
      2. Opened User Details for user "Person, Holly Test 1"
      3. Went to Open Loans for this patron
      4. Selected the Open Loan for item with a barcode of 999906
      5. Noted that the loan has incurred fees/fines of 125.00 for this loaned item
      6. Clicked on the 125.00 fee/fine link to view the fees/fines for this loan
      7. Noted that there were two fees/fines, a Lost item processing fee of 25.00 and a Lost item fee of 100.00, displaying in Fees/Fines History (Open tab)
      8. Clicked the check mark into the selection box for both fees/fines
      9. Pressed the "Transfer" button on Fee/Fine Details to initiate a transfer
      10. Enter a partial transfer of 10.00 to the University "Transfer account" (which will be split by the two fees/fines, each having 5.00 transferred)
      11. Enter a partial payment of 10.00 in cash (which will be split by the two fees/fines, each having 5.00 paid)
      12. Then went to Loan Details for the loan and claim that the item has been returned.
      13. Checked the results of the refunds on the Fee/Fine Details page for the Lost Item Fee of 100.00 and Lost Item Processing Fee of 25.00

      Expected Results:

      There should be four rows in Fee/Fine Details for the refunds:,

      • "Transaction information" set to "Refund to University"
      • "Transaction information" set to "Refunded to University"
      • "Transaction information" set to "Refund to patron"
      • "Transaction information" set to "Refunded to patron"

      Actual Results:

      There are only two rows in Fee/Fine Details for the refunds:

      • "Transaction information" set to "Refund to University"
      • "Transaction information" set to "Refunded to University"

      The transfer amount of 5.00 has been refunded properly, but the patron payment of 5.00 has not been refunded at all.  I have included screen prints for

      both fees/fines...



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