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All transfer account refunds showing up as "Bursar" on Fee/Fine Details



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      Overview:  Regardless of the "Transfer account" used when transferring a fee/fine, the Fee/Fine Details list always says "Refund to Bursar" and "Refunded to Bursar".  The account name should change depending on the "Transfer account" being refunded.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Iris as an admin with all user permissions
      2. Open User Details for user "Person, Holly Test 1"
      3. Go to Open Loans for this patron.
      4. Select the Open Loan for item barcode 999904
      5. Not that the loan is aged to lost and has incurred fees/fines of 125.00
      6. Click on the 125.00 to view the fees/fines for this loan
      7. You will see two fees/fines, a Lost item processing fee of 25.00 and a Lost item fee of 100.00
      8. Click on the row for the Lost item fee of 100.00
      9. Press the "Transfer" button on Fee/Fine Details to initiate a transfer
      10. Enter a partial transfer of 50.00 to the University "Transfer account"
      11. Now select to refund the 50.00 that was just transferred to the University "Transfer account"
      12. Check the results of the refund on the Fee/Fine Details page for the Lost item fee of 100.00

      Expected Results:

      There are two rows in Fee/Fine Details, the first one has "Transaction information" set to "Refund to University" the second has "Transaction information" set to "Refunded to University"

      Actual Results:

      The two transactions both refer to the refund being for the "Bursar" account, see "Transaction information" set to "Refund to Bursar" and "Refunded to Bursar" as shown below...

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