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Incorrect search results for searches with "including inactive users'



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      This story is a converted bug. The ability to have the counts of patron groups be accurate is an essential requirement but with the current architecture cannot be fixed.

      1. Open the Users App.

      Expected Result: Users App will open, Search Options and filters will be displayed on the left of the screen
      2. Search for a Name without using the filters. You can seach by entering a Name in the search box, then hit the 'Search' Button.

      Expected Result: On the Right you will now see all users Fitting your search. Write down the number of users in the result (number is displayed in the top of the result list. Scroll down your result list and watch for the Status, you'll need at least one inactiv user in your result, note the Number of inactive results. If this it not the case start another search.

      Actual Result: Searched for "James" - got 10,379 results.
      3. (Failed) Now go for 'Reset all' below the Search box, this will clear your results

      Now select the 'status' filter active, and repeate your search.
      Expected Result:
      On the Right you will now see all users fitting your search. Check that the number of results is the number from your first search minus the number of inactive results you found in your last search.
      Actual Result:
      There was only one inactive user in the James search category - but when I filter to Active users the count is 10,375 - indicating there were 4 inactive users rather than

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