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Data corruption. When holdings/item data are moved in Inventory, then the connected Fee/Fine is not updated accordingly



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      Standard Bug Write-Up Format
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      University of Chicago


      Overview: When we did the work on UXPROD-137, then the appropriate dependency work outlined in UXPROD-1647 (umbrella feature) was not done. This lead us now to corrupt data when performing move of holdings and item.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO Snapshoten as diku_admin, which is a user who have permission to perform move of holdings, and item
      2. Go to Settings > Users and update the Fee/Fine: Manual charges - see attached screen shot
      3. Go to Check out. Create a new loan for any given user. Check out any given item (here we use: The ABA Journal, item barcode: A1429864347), and user: Morty Panic.
      4. Go to the Users app and view Morty Panic's loans and declare the loan with item barcode A1429864347 as lost
      5. Wait for one minute, and then charge the fee (but do not pay).
      6. Go to Inventory, and search for the item barcode A1429864347 when using the item segment. See the result in the 3rd pane.
      7. Go to the Action menu, and select Move holdings, item to another instance
      8. In the search modal, just pick any instance record (here we use: The chess player’s mating guide Computer Datei Robert Ris)
      9. Move the Holdings: Main Library > K1 .M44 with all of the listed items, including the checked out item with item barcode A1429864347 on the left side of the screen to the instance on the right side of the screen (The chess player’s mating guide Computer Datei Robert Ris)
      10. Go back and verify the changes in Inventory - in both records
        • The ABA Journal
        • The chess player’s mating guide Computer Datei Robert Ris
      11. Go back to the Users app, and search for Morty Panic, and view his loans where a Fee was charged, but not paid.

      Expected Results: We see the item is updated accordingly with the performed move of holdings and item done in Inventory, and item barcode A1429864347 is now associated with the The chess player’s mating guide Computer Datei Robert Ris, and the contributors are Ris, Robert and ChessBase GmbH Hamburg.

      Actual Results: The request declared lost does not reflect the changed title (it's still The ABA Journal) as before the move of holdings and items - but interestingly the contributors has been changed: Robert, Ris, ChessBase GmbH Hamburg

      Additional Information:
      Similar behavior as seen in UIREQ-589, that the contributor data gets to be updated, but not the Instance resource title.

      URL: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18aj_TXhweUAAhT9qMwrp6gK7q316RNYsXr8y11wWr90/edit#

      Interested parties: Christie Thomas Holly Mistlebauer

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