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Paid item status does not populate in the item record



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      Overview: A declared lost item, being fully paid by the patron - but yet the item status is not getting updated to item status Lost and paid.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO Snapshot as User diku_admin
      2. Check out any available item (e.g. item with Item barcode 10101) to patron Morty, Panic
      3. In Morty, Panic's user record, then drill down to the Loans accordion, and clik and view his Open loans.
      4. Click the three dots in the Action column, and mark the given item as Declared lost.
      5. Refresh the loan page, and the item status change to be Declared lost
      6. Click again the three dots in the Action column, and click New fee/fine
      7. Fill out the New fee/fine screen
      8. Go to the Users app and view Morty, Panic's fees and fines and pay the fee

      Expected Results:
      The given items item status changes to Lost and paid, which is displayed in Inventory, the item record.

      Actual Results:
      The item record in Inventory does not get updated with the changed item status: Lost and paid, but continue to display as item status 'Declared lost'

      Additional Information:
      This bug was found when trying to manual test, and being able to verify the fix of MODINV-369, and UIIN-1374.

      Interested parties: hollyolepm

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