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User Tags Filter Menu Missing Many Tags When First Logged In



    • Core: F - Sprint 103, Prokopovych - Sprint 104
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      (*Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into bugfest-honeysuckle.folio.com as abreaux/admin who should have sufficient permissions to do everything with Tags on Users. For example, she has:
        1. Tags: All permissions
        2. Users: Can edit user profile
      2. Go to Users and open the Tags menu
      3. Notice that there are only about 10 tags displaying there and many tags are not displaying
      4. Look up Aaron, Jason B. in Users
      5. Note that the user has 6 tags.
      6. Go to tags filter
      7. Try to filter by any of these tags

      Expected result:

      1. Tags associated with Aaron's record should display in the menu
      2. Selecting any of the tags should result in Aaron's record showing in search results

      Actual result:

      • Aaron's tags don't display in the filter menu. The menu contains a small subset of the total tags for some reason (maybe only 20 tags out of 60 or more?). Try to type in one of Aaron's tags and the filter menu tells you "No matching items found!"
      • If you add a new tag to any user record and then re-check the Tags filter, all the Tags now display (and work!)
      • If you log out and log back in as abreaux, you are back to the starting point again See attached screencast.

      Additional info:

      • It seems like, in pwanninger's testing, she was able to see Aaron's tags in the filter menu, but selecting them resulted in no results in the center pane. I am not sure what user she was using, though, and that's not what I'm seeing with the users I have tried.

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