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User detail page throws exception if user has permission with null display name



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      If you add a permission to a user that has a null display name, the following error occurs:

      Please refresh the page.
      The following occurred resulting in the current page becoming unstable.
      ERROR:Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined

      in RenderPermissions
      in UserPermissions
      in IfInterface
      in IfPermission
      in div
      in AccordionSet
      in div
      in section
      in Pane
      in WithPaneset(Pane)
      in t
      in HotKeys
      in HasCommand
      in ViewUser
      in WithProxyComponent
      in WithTagsComponent
      in WithServicePointsComponent
      in Wrapper
      in WithRoot(Wrapper)
      in Connect(WithRoot(Wrapper))
      in Route
      in div
      in Paneset
      in WithPaneset(Paneset)
      in SearchAndSort
      in WithStripes(SearchAndSort)
      in WithModule(WithStripes(SearchAndSort))
      in Route
      in withRouter(WithModule(WithStripes(SearchAndSort)))
      in t
      in HotKeys
      in HasCommand
      in div
      in Users
      in InjectIntl(Users)
      in Wrapper
      in WithRoot(Wrapper)
      in Connect(WithRoot(Wrapper))
      in Route
      in Switch
      in t
      in HotKeys
      in CommandList
      in UsersRouting
      in Titled
      in GetContext
      in TitleManager
      in ErrorBoundary
      in div
      in AddContext
      in Route
      in Switch
      in main
      in ModuleContainer
      in div
      in MainContainer
      in LastVisited
      in WithModules(LastVisited)
      in Route
      in withRouter(WithModules(LastVisited))
      in Router
      in Provider
      in t
      in HotKeys
      in Titled
      in GetContext
      in TitleManager
      in ModuleTranslator
      in InjectIntl(ModuleTranslator)
      in RootWithIntl
      in IntlProvider
      in ApolloProvider
      in ErrorBoundary
      in Root
      in WithModules(Root)
      in Connect(WithModules(Root))
      in StripesCore

      I'm assuming the problem is that the front end application is trying to call toLowerCase() on a null value.

      Our installation has the following permissions that have null display names:

      id permission_name
      29487615-a39b-4e5a-935e-22b6b4c5e220 calendar.collection.delete
      d476aa9a-ef75-4d02-b080-308829154aad funds.all
      1745a0de-c529-4d02-855e-d4b90184f6c4 settings.tranfertypes.all
      d33f10d5-b033-4332-bf75-452cd3687b58 transfertypes.collection.get
      896fe72f-8810-459b-a485-4ef0500af249 transfertypes.item.delete
      26bbc576-4db3-467c-a7b0-d578dbbdbd0c transfertypes.item.get
      d4543f1f-8578-46d8-ba82-6f8d2eae85bf transfertypes.item.post
      c9fecf91-59bb-4e6c-843d-db090c2564f9 transfertypes.item.put
      8f755886-90a1-4bab-9947-a926e47432ad ui-eholdings.packages.collection.get
      d3d91644-38f4-4817-95af-d410956d4356 ui-eholdings.packages.collection.post
      809fb957-ddfa-483a-a6ea-06612cd5129d ui-eholdings.packages.item.delete
      fc030030-540d-46b6-982b-a5f0e801cdb1 ui-eholdings.packages.item.get
      d01dd627-a5a5-4cf3-a744-b51a00e98f6a ui-eholdings.packages.item.put
      975fe114-7c60-4315-afa0-8ebc25bb6560 ui-eholdings.providers.collection.get
      7fe9d7ed-05b4-45e3-a484-6d14f9fe61c0 ui-eholdings.providers.item.get
      b2157f97-ec2f-4950-8b0d-1ebcade4338d ui-eholdings.providers.item.put
      5468262f-58e8-42c3-a60c-6b7fb0e5419f ui-eholdings.resources.collection.post
      c41af14c-fd3f-4ea0-8806-1324d1e9fcf1 ui-eholdings.resources.item.delete
      9098877b-be45-44ab-85d4-1d8811cca8d5 ui-eholdings.resources.item.get
      2f233367-1d3a-4442-8d04-859504aa915f ui-eholdings.resources.item.put
      71c8937e-b6a6-415c-b491-87197d195d6c ui-eholdings.titles.collection.get
      861f3710-0d3e-4e15-b7ba-d45855a1105f ui-eholdings.titles.collection.post
      1ae68e94-14d6-42c2-b061-70b43d79ce89 ui-eholdings.titles.item.get

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