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Loan Details and Loan History not displaying same amount for fees/fines



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      The Loans pages are supposed to display fees/fines that have been incurred by the loan. Loan Details does display the fees/fines incurred as 'Fine incurred', but Loan History displays the remaining fees/fines as 'Fee/Fine'.

      A recent test showed that a patron who incurred a fine of 27.00, had the amount displayed as 27.00 on Loan Details (see attached screen print FF-amount-loan-details.jpg). The amount initially appeared as 27.00 on Loan History (aka Open Loans), but after the patron paid 15.00, the amount displaying on Open Loans changed to 12.00 (see attached screen print FF-amount-loan-history.jpg). Let's make this consistent!

      First of all, the field should be labeled 'Fees/fines incurred' on both pages. This makes it clear that this is the same data. It also makes it clear that there could be fees and well as fines, and more than one. (See attached mock-ups FF-amount-loan-details.jpg and FF-amount-loan-history.jpg.)

      Second, the value of this field in both places should be the total amount of fees/fines that have been charged (incurred) for the loan. Payments, transfer, etc. should be ignored. (See attached mock-ups FF-amount-loan-details.jpg and FF-amount-loan-history.jpg.)

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