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User app is having problems with assigning tags and filtering by tags



    • Core: F - Sprint 101, Core: F - Sprint 102
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    • Q3 2020 Bug Fix


      Overview: Sometimes, tags applied to users are not retained when the user record is closed and reopened. Also, the tags filter does not seem to work in the users app.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Honeysuckle Bugfest as abreaux/admin
      2. Go to the Users app
      3. Find a user with no tags assigned to them
      4. Assign a few tags. Make sure that one is a brand new tag that is not in the central tag list, and one is a tag that is already in the central tag list (Central tags list shows as a dropdown when you start to type a tag)
      5. Close that user detail record
      6. Reopen the record and check that the tags are still assigned
      7. Click on the Tags filter in the right-hand pane of the Users app
      8. Find any of the newly-assigned tags and try to filter by them

      Expected Results:
      1. Any tags assigned to a user should stay assigned and be viewable when you view that user
      2. If you filter users by a tag assigned to a user, that user should appear in search results (along with any other users that have that same tag assigned to them)

      Actual Results:
      1. Sometimes the tags remain attached to a user, and sometimes they disappear.
      2. The filter returns 0 results, even when you know a tag is definitely assigned to the user.

      Additional Information:

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