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Manual patron block not fully going away after expired



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      FYI - The team that developed Manual Patron Blocks no longer exists.

      Overview: A patron with a manual patron block that expires, has the block mostly cleared after it expires (the manual block no longer displays in the Patron block section of User information, the block count does not appear on the Checkout page, and the patron is not blocked from borrowing, requesting or renewing). What remains is the banner and icon in User Information as shown in attached screen print Block-gone-but-message-showing.jpg. After Holly tested borrowing, requesting and renewing the banner and icon went away (as shown in attached screen print Block-totally-gone-now.jpg).

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into https://bugfest-honeysuckle.folio.ebsco.com/ as folio/folio
      2. Create a manual patron block for a user without any other blocks
      3. Set the block to expire the next day
      4. Save the block

      Expected Results:

      • The next day the block should be totally cleared

      Actual Results:

      • The next day the block is cleared except that the banner and icon in User Information, as shown in attached screen print Block-gone-but-message-showing.jpg
      • After Holly tested that nothing was actually being blocked, the banner and icon went away, as shown in attached screen print Block-totally-gone-now.jpg
      • I think it is more than a refresh error because Phil Robinson was the tester for this and when I went to check the user the banner and icon were still displaying, even though I had never looked at that user before

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