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Should not be allowed to cancel fee/fine as error if it already has 'actions' applied



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    • Fix Version/s: 6.0.0
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      Standard Bug Write-Up Format
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      EPAM-Veg Sprint 100, EPAM-Veg Sprint 101
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      Q3 2020 Bug Fix


      This scenario was not covered in any previous stories, so it's a story, yet Holly feels it's more of a PO error and it should be fixed as soon as possible.

      A user should only be allowed to cancel a fee/fine as an error if the fee/fine has not be paid, waived and/or transferred. If the Latest payment status for the fee/fine is 'Outstanding' or if the Billed amount equals the Remaining amount we know that no actions have been taken against the fee/fine. If this is the case, then the Error button should be activated on the Fee/Fine Details page and the Error ellipsis option should be activated on the Fees/Fines History page. If not, the button/option should not be activated as a cancellation is not allowed. (Currently the Error button/option is activated in both cases.)

      The purpose of the Error option is to remove a manual fee/fine that was entered for the wrong amount, with the wrong Fee/fine type, to the wrong patron, etc. This would normally happen right after the fee/fine is created. If a manual fee/fine ends up being paid, partially paid, waived, partially waived, transferred and/or partially transferred it is not really an error. The user should do a refund of what may have been paid/transferred and a waive of anything that wasn't.

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