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Aged to lost action on loan details



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      Purpose: When an item has aged to lost, reflect this on the loan details & action history for the loan.

      1. Scenario
        • Given a loan for an item that has aged to lost
        • When viewing loan details
        • Then show the aged to lost action in the loan action history
          • Action date: use date and time item aged to lost
          • Action: Aged to lost
          • Due date: same due date as previous row in action history
          • Item status: Aged to lost
          • Source: -
          • Comments: -
      2. Scenario
        • Given a loan for an item that has aged to lost
        • When viewing the loan details
        • Then populate the Lost field with the date and time the item aged to lost
          CB: ecboettcher, in grooming we decided this scenario should be moved to another story. Thanks!

      Dev notes

      1. New loan action will be introduced on backend - itemAgedToLost.
      2. Lost date time is specified in loan.agedToLostDate property (draft).
      3. Please also note that the process is executed anonymously by okapi- it means that the aged to lost loan action will have metadata.updatedByUserId undefined.

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