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Receive a toast error that maybe tied to custom field permissions



    • eHoldings Sprint 92, eHoldings Sprint 93
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    • Q2 2020


      Reported in https://bugfest-goldenrod.folio.ebsco.com/
      Username/password: folio / folio

      Steps to reproduce

      Created permission set "Circulation Goldenrod" with the following permissions:
      Check in: All permissions
      Check out: All permissions
      Inventory: View instances, holdings, and items
      Inventory: View, create, edit holdings
      Inventory: View, create, edit, mark missing items
      Requests: All permissions
      Search: Can search using the Codex with all back-ends
      UI: Codex Search module is enabled
      Users: Can create new user
      Users: Can create, edit and remove patron blocks
      Users: Can edit user profile
      Users: Can send create/reset password link
      Users: Can view permissions assigned to users
      Users: Can view service points assigned to users
      Users: Can view user profile
      Users: Create/reset password
      Users: User loan edit
      Users: User loans renew
      Users: User loans renew through override
      Users: User loans view
      Users: User loans view, edit, renew (all)
      Users: View requests

      Assigned permission set to user siren. Logged in as siren and clicked around a bit.

      See attached image

      Whenever I open a user record in Users, I get a "toast" error.

      Since I have not experienced this when logged in as a user with all permissions, I suspect it has something to do with the failed requests, which gives the response "Access requires permission: user-settings.custom-fields.collection.get".

      I'm also seeing failed requests to tags, with the response Access requires permission: tags.collection.get, but these happen just when I click the Users app and don't seem to coincide timewise with the toast.

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