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Link from patron loan to request queue searches by barcode with implicit truncation - can return multiple barcodes



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      Overview: There are a number of places where we offer links to requests on an item and they just link to the requests app with the item's barcode applied as a search. This is problematic at the moment because the Requests search uses implicit truncation and, therefore, you can get results for multiple items.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into snapshot
      2. Create a request for Item A
      3. Go back to Inventory and create a new item (Item B) with the same barcode as Item A but add something to the end
      4. Now create a request for Item B (use same patron as the requester)
      5. Now check out item A to the requester
      6. Now from the requester's loans page, click

      Expected Results: When you click to view other requests on an item, you should only see the requests on that item

      Actual Results: When you click to view other requests on a given item, you may also see requests on other items

      Additional Information:

      • There are a variety of ways we could solve this. Will need to speak with devs and SMEs. Some ideas:
        • Change keyword searching in requests to explicit truncation
        • Change the request queue filter to be on item ID instead of barcode
          • I think we actually do this for items without barcodes - maybe we could just extend that? Per grooming, this is what we will do
          • Would we have the same truncation problem with that approach?
      • I will file separate bugs for fixes for the request queue links from User loans and Item details in Requests (UIREQ-484)

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