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Add Query search to Users



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      Purpose: To make it possible to do more complex searching of the Users app. Implement the possibility to do search by enter query language in the search box. The queries support combined search using e.g. boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).

      User story statement(s):
      As a librarian experienced with the used query language (CQL)
      I want to be able to write an advanced query
      So I can pwanninger can you please complete this? Is it to find users that are hard to find? To get lists of users? What would you do with those lists?


      1. Scenario:
        • Given the search type menu in the Users app
        • When opened
        • Then a "Query search" option should be available in the menu (as the last listed term)
      2. Scenario:
        • Given Query search has been selected
        • When the user enters CQL and the search is executed
        • Then the matching results should display
      3. Scenario:
        • Given Query search in Users
        • When improper CQL is entered
        • Then Users should behave the same way as Inventory (which seems to be that it throws an unhelpful error - changing this is out of scope for this feature)

      Common searches
      _The developers have asked that we capture common searches so they can ensure they are supported by indexes and are performant (there is no way to put an index on every possible query for these free-form fields). Please bear in mind that we have a separate feature for supporting other, specific searches in UXPROD-2092 _

      • <common search 1>
      • <common search 2>
        pwanninger, we need to fill these out. Thanks!

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