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Create/Edit Patron Blocks: Required fields are not using the right prop and cannot be read by screenreader



    • Folijet Sprint 133, Folijet Sprint 134
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    • Folijet
    • Lotus R1 2022
    • Implementation coding issue


      On the create/edit patron block page, these required fields: display description and block actions - should replace the current displayed asterisk with a red asterisk using the prop that supports the indication of a required field

      • AND apply the right code so that these required fields are read by a screenreader

      Definition of Done

      • Verify that asterisk is red
      • Verify required is read by a screenreader with NVDA screenreader

      Scenario 1

      • Given the the patron block create/edit page
      • When a user gets to the Block actions section, change the header as follows
      • Make it appear to be a section header (although it's not) by making it bold
      • And change the asterisk to red
      • And change the text as follows Block actions* (select all that apply)
      • See attached mockup
      • NOTE: when reviewing with pwanninger we realized the logic to require at least one field was already working, so retain that logic

      Scenario 2

      • Given the the patron block create/edit page
      • When a user gets to the Block actions section
      • And unselects any of the options
      • Then remove the text Select any option (since that is now handled in the header)
      • See attached mockup


      • Change the following UI labels to sentence case:
        • Display description
        • Message to patron

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