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Preferred first name field on user record



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      As a library administrator, I want to be able to record a patron's preferred first name in the library's records, and use it to address the patron in various communications with them.

      The user record will have a field added labeled "preferred first name."
      It is a single field
      It will be unlimited in length and allow alphanumeric and ASCII characters and spaces
      Not required.
      It will be a token to add to notices.

      Acceptance criteria
      Given I am on the create edit user record
      when a patron informs me of their preferred name
      then I can enter the name in the field that appears under the required last name, first name, middle name.

      Given that I enter the preferred name
      when I save the record
      It will display on the screen as "Preferred first name."

      Given that the patron's record already has a preferred name,
      when they report a change
      then I can open the field and edit it,
      and then save it again
      and then it will display.

      Note on the wireframe for the edit screen:

      • Includes two changes: change the header from the user's name to say "edit"
      • Apply new max width default to New/Edit User record.

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