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Transfer Accounts listed in drop-down for Transfer Fee/Fine should be by Fee/Fine Owner



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      1. Create a Fee/Fine Owner at Settings>Users>Fee/Fine: Owners. Mine is Holly Fee/Fine Owner.
      2. Add Transfer Accounts for the new Fee/Fine owner at Settings>Users>Fee/Fine: Transfer accounts. I added Bursar and University Payroll (as shown in attachment Transfer-ff-1.png).
      3. In my case other Fee/Fine Owners with Transfer Accounts already existed. You may need to add other Fee/Fine Owners with Transfer Accounts. Enter different Transfer Accounts for the second Fee/Fine Owner. Mine is Holly Fee/Fine Owner.
      4. Create a manual fee/fine for a patron using the Fee/Fine Owner you created first.
      5. Go to Fee/Fine History for the patron and use the ellipsis menu to Transfer the fee/fine.
      6. Click on the drop-down for Transfer Account.

      Expected result
      Only the two Transfer Accounts for the fee/fine owner of the fee/fine appear in the Transfer Account drop-down list. In my case this would be Bursar and University Payroll.

      Actual result
      The Transfer Accounts for all fee/fine owners appeared in the Transfer Account drop-down list. In my case this was Bursar and University Payroll, plus University, State and Test (as shown in attachment Transfer-ff-2.png). University, State and Test should not be there.

      Add Fee/Fine Owner to the Transfer Fee/Fine modal as a drop-down selection. See attached mock-up Transfer-ff-3.png for details. (Paying fees/fines works in a similar manner.)

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            Christian Cruz Garrido
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            Christian Cruz Garrido
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            Christian Cruz Garrido
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            Christian Cruz Garrido
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            Christian Cruz Garrido
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            Christian Cruz Garrido
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            Holly Mistlebauer
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            Holly Mistlebauer
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            Holly Mistlebauer
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            Holly Mistlebauer
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            Holly Mistlebauer
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            Holly Mistlebauer



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