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FOLIO is getting into "loop"--must click Users app twice to get out of it



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      Background Information

      Holly was able to re-produce this problem at https://folio-snapshot.aws.indexdata.com/.
      Holly discussed this with Zak, who believes this is because of a Close button that was implemented.
      Holly set the priority at P2, but it might be a P1 for two reasons:

      1. There are two workaround: click on users twice in a row or close Chrome and reopen it.
      2. Sites that are testing for a 2020 implementation will be very confused by this error.

      As part of Q4 BugFest, Holly has tested several fee/fine features at https://bugfest.folio.ebsco.com. On multiple occasions she has gotten into a loop that won't allow her to get to User Information. She was able to re-create one such situation (the other situations could be caused by the same issue):

      1. Open Chrome
      2. Go to https://bugfest.folio.ebsco.com/
      3. Select Checkout app (checking out a book to the patron so I can test charging a fee/fine when it is checked back in)
      4. Enter 950122-1825 as patron's barcode
      5. Enter 1203721751 as item's barcode
      6. Press End Session button
      7. Select Check in app (checking book back in immediately--which isn't something that would normally happen)
      8. Enter 1203721751 as item's barcode
      9. Select New fee/fine from ellipsis menu
      10. Ended a new fee/fine for damage found to item checked in
      11. Press End Session button
      12. Select Users app
      13. You will be back at the New fee/fine page
      14. X out of New fee/fine page
      15. This should take you to Users but doesn't--you just end up back at the Scanned items page
      16. If you select Users app again, you will go back to the New fee/fine page which you will need to X out of again and so on (you just keep going back and forth--hence the word "loop")

      Clicking on the patron name or barcode on the New fee/fine page will take you to User Information, but that shouldn't be the only way.

      Holly did eventually figure out that if she clicked on Users app twice, she would get back to Users.

      CB: Per grooming, closing the new fee/fine page (using save or X) should return you to the user record. This is how it used to work and would be consistent with UIU-1377

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