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New fee/fine page is not clearing old item data when it opens



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      Background Information

      Holly was able to re-produce this problem at https://folio-snapshot.aws.indexdata.com/.
      Zak believes this is related to UIU-1397.
      Holly set the priority at P1 for two reasons:

      1. The only workaround is to close Chrome and reopen it.
      2. Sites that are testing for a 2020 implementation will be very confused by this error.

      As part of Q4 BugFest, Holly is testing several features at https://bugfest.folio.ebsco.com (the test installation for Chalmers). Holly was looking at a test patron's (Almir Aberg) Fees/Fines History and noticed that the two Locker Fee Rental fees/fines had item information (e.g. title, barcode, call number) associated with them (as shown in attached screen print New-FF-uses-item-info-from-other-ff-1.JPG). This isn't logical, so Holly pressed the NEW FEE/FINE button on the Fees/Fines History page to create a new fee/fine for Almir Aberg. When the New Fee/Fine page opened, it had the same item data pre-populated (as shown in attached screen print New-FF-uses-item-info-from-other-ff-2.JPG). This should not be happening. The only time the item data should be pre-populated is when a fee/fine is being charged for an item--which comes from Loans and Checkin. Holly then went to User Information for a different patron (Alvar Aberg) and pressed the CREATE FEE/FINE button. The same item data was pre-populated on the New Fee/Fine page for Alvar Aberg (as shown in attached screen print New-FF-uses-item-info-from-other-ff-3.JPG).

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