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FF History does not checkmark all rows when top box checked



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      Background Information

      Holly was able to re-produce this problem at https://folio-snapshot.aws.indexdata.com/.
      Holly discussed this with Zak and he understands what caused this issue.
      The solution is probably the same as with UIU-1408: "Error modal" does not un-checkmark entries when you click on them.
      Holly set the priority at P2 for two reasons:

      1. There is no workaround.
      2. Sites that are testing for a 2020 implementation will be very confused by this error.

      As part of Q4 BugFest, Holly tested several fee/fine features at https://bugfest.folio.ebsco.com. When testing Fees/Fines History, she noticed that when she checked the top box, indicating that all of the fees/fines should be included, the boxes below did not get checkmarked. (This also happened when testing for the Q3 BugFest, but we were told it was a Stripes problem. Open/Closed Loans had this problem then as well, but now it is fixed.) Holly has confirmed that this doesn't work at https://folio-snapshot.aws.indexdata.com/ either. (Please note that all of the fees/fines are processed as if they are all checkmarked. See the attached screen print for more information.)

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