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Pay/Waive/Transfer/Cancel fee/fine: "Created at" must be Service Point in order to balance fees/fines



    • UNAM
    • Q2 2020


      Overview: Currently the "created at" field for a Fee/Fine "Action" (e.g. charge, pay, waive, transfer, cancel) is set to the Fee/Fine Owner associated with the Service Point where the transaction took place. In order to balance fees/fines (aka balance the cash drawer) we need to instead record the actual Service where the transaction took place. This bug is the second one related to this issue. The first, UIU-1398 (Charge fee/fine: "Created at" must be Service Point in order to balance fees/fines), was to fix the "Created at" field for manual fee/fine charges. This second bug is to do the same for fee/fine payments, waives, transfers and cancellations. It is best to work on UIU-1398 first, as it provides more background info.

      The end result of this bug fix is the same as UIU-1398: the "Created at" field for the pay, waive, transfer and cancel "Action" records, which is currently set to the Fee/Fine Owner (e.g. "Main Circ"), needs to instead be set to the Service Point (e.g. "HB Infodisk") where the payment, waive, transfer or cancellation took place.

      UIU-1398 explains how to set things up to charge manual fees/fines. You will also need to do the following to test this bug...

      • Create at least one Payment Method at Setting>Users>Fee/fine: Payment methods
      • Create at least one Waive Reason at Setting>Users>Fee/fine: Waive reasons
      • Create at least one Transfer Account at Setting>Users>Fee/fine: Transfer accounts

      This is how you pay/waive/transfer/cancel a fee/fine...

      1. Find an "active" user
      2. Go to user's User Information page and expand the Fees/Fines section
      3. Press the Create fee/fine button
      4. Enter a manual fee/fine and then save it
      5. You should be taken back to the User Information page for your test user
      6. Expand the Fees/Fines section and click on the "View all fees/fines" link, which will open up Fees/Fines History (aka Open/Closed/All Fees/Fines)
      7. Click on the ellipsis (...) to the right of the fee/fine you just created (see attachment FF-History-Ellipsis.JPG)
      8. Select ellipsis option Pay or Waive or Transfer or Error (you will need to try each one)
      9. Enter the required information in the Pay fee/fine modal or Waive fee/fine modal or Transfer fee/fine modal or Confirm fee/fine cancellation modal (depending on which ellipsis option you selected) and save it
      10. Click on the Fees/Fines History row for the fee/fine you just paid/waived/transferred/cancelled, which will open Fee/Fine Details
      11. The Fee/Fine Details page is where you can view the Fee/Fine "Action" records--right now you will notice that the Fee/Fine Owner is set to "Main Circ", which is correct. The "Created at" entry for the "Action" is also set to Fee/Fine Owner "Main Circ", which is not what we want. I have attached updated screen prints to show that "Created at" should be changed to contain the Service Point ("HB Infodisk") where the charge took place...
        • Payment example is Pay-Fee-Fine.JPG
        • Waive example is Waive-Fee-Fine.JPG
        • Transfer example is Transfer-Fee-Fine.JPG
        • Cancel example is Cancelled-Fee-Fine.JPG

      (Note: Refund fee/fine is not included because it has not been developed yet--the correct value will be placed in "Created at" in the development user story.)

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