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Change due date: Loans page slow to reflect new due date



    • Prokopovych


      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into FOLIO (I saw this in https://bugfestq31.folio.ebsco.com but I assume it is also present on https://folio-daisy.aws.indexdata.com/ and snapshot)
      2. Ask zburke to populate over 100 loans for a test user (not sure if having this many loans is relevant, but that's what I started with for this test)
      3. I used this user in Bugfest 3.1: https://bugfestq31.folio.ebsco.com/users/view/2084e201-b0da-4ac3-b3ae-873c48596093?query=McCullough&sort=name
      4. On the loans page, select all loans (I had 181)
      5. Click Change due date button
      6. Modal only displays 10 items (UIU-1293)
      7. Select new due date (I chose 2019-10-17)
      8. Save

      Expected: Loans page should show 2019-10-17 for 10 Loans

      Actual: Only a couple of loans show new due date at first. It seems like a performance issue - it is taking a while for the due dates to "switch" on this page. I refreshed (not sure that did anything) and closed Loans and came back in and eventually 9 loans showed with the new due date. There should have been 10 so I navigated out and to another app and then back again to see if that helped and when I came back there were only 4 showing (probably due to UIU-1292, as the total loan count showing was 100 when it should have been 181)

      Additional info: When you renew multiple loans (e.g. 11), it takes a really long time to get the confirmation popup, BUT once you the confirmation popup is closed, the Loans page itself has already been updated to reflect the new renewal count. This is a better user experience, IMO

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