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Odd ellipsis behavior after refreshing Open Loans page



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      Found by testing Open Loans ellipsis options at *https://bugfest.folio.ebsco.com* as part of Bug Fest.

      To duplicate you can use the same user as Holly used, following these steps:
      1) Find user Ã…berg, Caspar (barcode 561230-5119) or checkout books to another active user.
      2) View loaned items in Open Loans.
      3) Select ellipsis option New fee/fine and charge a fee/fine for one of the loaned items.
      4) Back at Open Loans, refresh the page (I have to do this because the fee/fine doesn't show up right away--we learned awhile back that it was just my laptop sometimes).
      5) After the refresh, try the other ellipsis for this loaned item and others.

      • When I selected ellipsis option Item details I received the error in the comment below. (Please note that this does not happen every time.)
      • When I selected ellipsis option "Fee/fine details" nothing happened.
      • When I click on the row, to open Loan Details, nothing happened.

      It took me awhile to figure out the pattern. If I do not refresh the page, all of the ellipsis options work fine. It is only after a refresh that things fall apart a bit.

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