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BugFest installation of Fees/Fines History, Fee/Fine Details and New Fee/Fine does not match other test sites



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      UPDATED DESCRIPTION (December 13, 2019):
      Holly talked to Zak and learned that this problem is due to the translation file not being correct for both Sweden and GB. What I am seeing at https://bugfest.folio.ebsco.com/ for Chalmers is exactly what is in the translation file. Zak is not sure why the English was never converted properly for Sweden and GB. This is what needs to be corrected...

      Fee/Fine History
      "barcode" should be "Barcode" for Sweden and GB
      "billed" should be "Billed" for Sweden and GB
      "remaining" should be "Remaining" for Sweden and GB

      Fee/Fine Details
      "Created At" should be "Created at" for Sweden and GB

      New Fee/Fine (aka charge fee/fine)
      "Item Status" should be "Item status" for Sweden and GB
      "Comments" should be "Additional information for staff" for Sweden and GB

      UPDATED DESCRIPTION (December 11, 2019):
      While testing for Q4 BugFest, Holly found that the same issues still exist, plus she found similar issues with the New Fee/Fine page. The new screen prints are attached. They have file names that begin with "Q4-".


      As part of Q3 Bug Fest, Holly is testing several features at https://bugfest.folio.ebsco.com (the test installation for Chalmers). When testing Fees/Fines History and Fee/Fine Details, she noticed that there were capitalization differences between what Chalmers and Daisy/Snapshot have. Also, the Outstanding Balance is missing in one place on Chalmer's version of FF History, but not Daisy/Snapshot. The two attached images show exactly what is happening. It's not a big problem, but it is odd.

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