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Settings > Users > Department CRUD to add departments controlled vocab



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      A librarian wants to add the departmental fields that come from the University's systems to FOLIO so they display in the User record. A controlled vocabulary table is necessary to define the field names and codes.


        1. Scenario*
          Given Settings > Users
          When displayed
          I will see an option for "Departments"
          *Screenshot *
        2. Scenario:*
          Given Settings>Users>Departments
          When selected
          Then Departments menu should display
          and I should be able to CRUD Department using the standard ControlledVocab component as in Contributor type configured with the following columns:
          ***Last Updated
          ***Number of users
      • Name is the only required field
        1. Scenario:*
          Given I am on the Departments page under Settings>Users>Departments
          When I click New
          Then a new department row displays
          With name and code fields enabled to enter text
          AND Action column displays Save | Cancel buttons
        2. Scenario:*
          Given I have clicked New department
          When I enter values for department and code
          AND hit Save
          Then a new row should display the newly created department
        3. Scenario*
          Given I did not enter a name
          When name is the only required department field
          Then display the standard message below the name field Please feel this in to continue
          AND disable Save button
        4. Scenario:*
          Given I create a new department name [History]
          AND I have already created this department name before
          When I hit Save
          Then display a message under name field [Name already exists.]
        5. Scenario:*
          Given I create a new department code [acc]
          AND I have already created this department acc before
          When I hit Save
          Then display a message under name field [Code already exists.]
        6. Scenario *
          Given I click the edit icon on a department
          Then Name and Code fields should be enabled for me to edit
        7. Scenario*
          Given I click the delete icon on a department
          When no user has been assigned to the department
          Then show Are you sure you want to delete this department message modal The text says, "The {} department will be deleted. This is acceptable.
          AND if I continue with deletion
          Then show a toast notification that <<Department Name>> has been deleted.
        8. Scenario*
          Given you have entered some data in the table but not clicked save
          When you try to navigate away from the page
          You will get the warning modal about unsaved changes.
        9. Scenario*
          Given an Department field has users
          When you try to delete
          You will see the popup modal that says "The Department <name> will be deleted. With choices cancel or delete
          and when you press delete
          you will see a second modal that tells you
          The Department <name> cannot be deleted because it is in use Actually, no trash can appears if there are users assigned to the dept. This is acceptable.
          OR just hide the delete trash can when a user is assigned to a department.
      1. Scenario
        Given no Department has been created in Settings
        When I create/edit/view a User record
        Then do not display the Department field.

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