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Users App: Create/Edit/View Form: External System IDs




      Purpose: Libraries want to assign External System IDs to users via the UI

      As a staff person
      I want to be able to enter as many various IDs as needed in the User record and distinguish different types of IDs from each other
      so that I am aware of all IDs that may be used to identify an individual user


      1. Scenario
        Given the User create/edit record
        When I have the Extended Information accordion open
        Then I will see a box under each External System ID type that is named in the settings
      2. Scenario
        Given the box under the named External System ID,
        When I click in the box
        Then I can edit the text, and a save check and a delete x appear.
      3. Scenario
        Given that the user has NOT renamed the default External ID type
        When the accordion is opened
        Then I will see one box labeled External System ID
        AND it should be populated with any existing value for that type
      4. Given that the user has renamed the External System ID type to [PIN] in Settings
        When you create/edit a user record
        Then the first box should have the type = [PIN]
      5. Scenario
        Given I have entered a number in a External Record ID type that is designated as unique
        When it is a duplicate of another External system number in the tenant with the same External System ID type
        Then I should get a message that the number is a duplicate and entry would not be allowed. (small red lettering should appear under the entry box with the message: "This number is not unique."
      6. Scenario
        Given the External System ID has been populated in the accordion
        When I search in the Users app for that alpha/numeric
        Then I find the record.

      Discuss with developers: Back when we added Addresses (another repeatable field group on User record), it needed to be refactored to support user import (MODUSERS-25) and it seems the final design may not have been ideal (see comments on FOLIO-664). Let's discuss to see if we can avoid needing to refactor this time.

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