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Display call number: Create shared module to format display call number



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      MVP feature planned for completion in Q2 2020!

      Update on November 27: This User Story has been put on hold until per comments added to UXPROD-393 by Cate.

      To see how this JIRA issue integrates with the other display call number JIRA issues please see the diagram at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pGLxTzCkzR1GYG6k5H7aKtOnZG7ZeSUP/view?usp=sharing

      Purpose: To format the version of the call number to be displayed on Fees/Fines History, Fee/Fine Details, Open/Closed Loans, Loan Details, New Fee/Fine and anywhere else it is needed.

      Input: The calling program will pass the barcode of the item for which a display call number is needed.

      Output: This program will pass back the display call number or "Call number not found"


      • The display call number passed back to the calling program will be formatted as follows-
        <Call number prefix> <Call number> <Call number suffix> <Enumeration> <Chronology> <Volume> <Copy number>
      • There will be a single space between each data item.
      • If a data item is not available for the barcode, there should be a single space between the last data item and the next available data item.
      • If the display call number cannot be built for any reason, send back "Call number not found" as the display call number
      • All of the data needed to build the display call number is available in the Item Record (see attached file ItemRecord.png) which will be accessed using the passed barcode-
        • Item Data
          • Call number prefix
          • Call number
          • Call number suffix
          • Copy number
        • Enumeration Data
          • Enumeration
          • Chronology
          • Volume

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