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Request preferences on Edit and View user record



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      Purpose: The purpose of this story is to enhance the user record so that it is possible to specify request preferences. This will drive functionality in the Requests app.

      User stories:
      As a FOLIO administrator
      I want to be able to specify which patrons are allowed to create delivery requests
      Because not all patrons should be able to do this

      As a patron who is allowed to create delivery requests
      I want requests in FOLIO to default to my preferred delivery address
      So that when I am requesting for delivery, FOLIO knows which address to use

      As a patron
      I want requests in FOLIO to default to my preferred pickup service point
      So that when I am requesting for hold shelf pickup, FOLIO knows which pickup service point to use without my having to specify (this will save patrons a click when they are creating requests via discovery and, when staff are creating requests directly in FOLIO, it will give them valuable information about which pickup service point should be used)


      1. Scenario
        • Given the user record
        • When editing
        • Then a new group of field should be added called "Request preferences" as shown in the linked wireframes
      2. Scenario CB: Not applicable to this story since this is now about edit only
        • Given the Request preferences grouping
        • When creating a new record
        • Then:
          • Hold shelf should be checked and disabled (all patrons get the hold shelf option)
          • Deliver should be unchecked
      3. Scenario
        • Given the Hold shelf checkbox
        • When checked (as is always the case per scenario 2)
        • Then a "Default service point" menu should display
          • Contains all service points for which pickup location = yes
          • Displayed in alphabetical order
          • Optional
          • Default = "Select service point"
          • It should always be possible to revert to unselected ("Select service point") option
      4. Scenario
      5. Scenario
        • Given the Delivery checkbox
        • When checked
        • Then:
          • "Fulfillment preference" menu should display:
            • Contains: Delivery and Hold shelf
            • Hold shelf is default
          • "Default delivery address" menu should display:
            • Contains all address types for which an address has been specified in the user record
            • Optional Required if Delivery = Y CB: Changing this to required as we don't want to be in a situation where a delivery request is created and we don't have an address
            • Default = "Select delivery address"

      Mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lqjdblpO_3wFLYcZdR4jabGCmp0iFsmC (now including mockups for the view mode)

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