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Renewal from Open Loan ellipsis not displaying patron block pop-up



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      While attempting to test UIU-804 and UIU-869 at https://folio-snapshot.aws.indexdata.com, Holly experienced the same problems with renewals from the ellipsis menu of Open Loans that she had at https://folio-snapshot-stable.aws.indexdata.com/ and https://folio-testing.aws.indexdata.com/. On closer evaluation, Holly discovered that the problem lies with the patron block code and not the renewal process. If a patron does not have a block, you can do a renewal from Open Loans using the Renew option of the ellipsis menu without incident. If the patron does have a block, it doesn't work properly. It did at one point, but has stopped working now. Renewing using the button on Open Loans or Loan Details works properly for patrons with a block. It is only the ellipsis option that has a problem.

      The attached file Renewing-steps-for-patron-without-blocks.pdf shows the steps for a patron who does not have a block. This is successful.
      The attached file Renewing-steps-for-patron-with-blocks.pdf shows what happens for a patron who does have a block. This is not successful.

      This needs to be fixed before the code freeze on June 12, which is why I have given it a priority of P1. Please contact Holly is you need her to walk-thru this issue.

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