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Loan history settings: add exception for fee/fine action



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      Purpose: Allow users to select create different information retention policies depending on the manner in which the fine/fee was closed (paid).


      1. Scenario
        • Given the Loan history settings
        • When the user checks the check box for Treat closed loans with associated fess/fines differently
        • Then under the Anonymize closed loans with associated fees/fines section, display the header Exception for fee/fine action
      2. Scenario
        • Given the Closed loans with associated fees/fines section
        • When the user selects Add exception
        • Then allow the user to select a fee/fine owner fee/fine action
          • Dropdown: Setting for fee/fine action
            • Values: Error, Pay, Transfer, Waive
            • Default: Select fee/fine action
          • Trash can icon (next to Fee/fine owner Fee/fine action dropdown menu)
          • Button: add exception
          • Radio buttons:
            • Immediately after fee/fine closes (note that this is different from what's shown on mock)
            • <field accepting integers> <dropdown menu for Day(s), Week(s), Month(s), default: Select interval> after fee/fine closes (note that this is different from what's shown on mock)
            • Never


      • Mockup is attached with original wording (payment methods), but the dropdown menu options in the mockup aren't actually payment methods. Instead, they're called fee/fine actions. Unlike payment methods, these actions exist regardless of who the fee/fine owner is.
      • Differences between scenario & mockup
        • Label change: fee/fine action, not payment method
        • Scenario does not require "Replace" option in dropdown (workflow does not exist yet in FOLIO)
        • Scenario does require "Error" option in dropdown

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